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megafauna -

what's everybody's default tool you like to walk around carrying in animal crossing? in other games I usually kept my net handy on account of bugs sneaky but this time I like walking around carrying the pole

flowerfemme -

i like carrying around the fishing pole. usually see a lot of fish.

witchesflower -

Ususally the pole! I like to be able to get around real easy!

coyoteparade -

i like to carry the ocarina!! i usually play it while i think abt where to go next!

kidd -

bastard energy x

babushka -

scars represent my headache and inability to sleep

greatkingrat -

coyoteparade -

x3 -

rb diz w yr height... i wanna know...

wokenhardies -


witchesflower -

5'2" am smol bean

hero-of-time -


coyoteparade -

5'3" (160cm)


rosefairy -

animal crossing creator

novodemons -

me and op went in opposite directions for the aesthetic

hero-of-time -

coyoteparade -