Dear gods i missed drawing flowery backgrounds

[ID: A digital artwork in red and pink and white tones. It depicts Rytlock and Canach from Guild Wars 2. They are both standing and facing each other, with Canach's back on the viewer. Canach is in a white shirt with long sleeves and Rytlock is in a black tank top. Canach holds onto Rytlock's neck and places a kiss on his face. Rytlock closed his eyes and gently lays his hands on Canach's back. The characters are surrounded by red plants and delicate white light. End ID]

They are taking a break

[ID: a warm red brown and cold white toned digital artwork depicting Rytlock and Canach from Guild Wars 2. They are both in sleeveless shirts and pants. They are both taking a nap, Rytlock on a couch and Canach on Rytlock. Rytlock has his face directed up with muzzle open and fangs bare. Canach has his face nuzzling against Rytlock's neck, and hand resting on his chest. Rytlock has his paws slightly wrapped around Canach. The background behind them is brown red curtains covering over half of what is probably a room or a light view on the outside of the room they are in. End ID]

I wanted to draw Canach and Rytlock in Amnoon and then it spinned out of control

[ID: a warm toned digital artwork of Rytlock Brimstone and Canach from Guild Wars 2. They are both in PoF armors but Canach has no helmet on. They are in Amnoon's emporium, surrounded by confetti and people partying around. They are both visible from far away perspective, next to a blue wall of a hallway entrance. Canach stands on his toes, softly caresses Rytlock's cheeks and places a kiss on his nose. Rytlock smiles and holds Canach by his arms. In the far right corner a charr in pink outfit chats with a norn and a human and holds a watermelon, their face seems puzzled. To the below and closer to the point of view an asura walks happily with a plate of food. To left of the asura and much closer to the viewer a human dances around with a big smile on their face. To left of them and in the middle of the picture another asura runs away from an angry sylvari and a confused human. On the left side of the picture a gray charr trips over a purple sylvari holding a bottle of booze. They are surrounded by few other people suprised at their behaviour. Second picture is the same but the artwork is partially in cold tones, which brings a more nostalgic feeling to the whole piece. Third Picture is a close up on Canach kissing Rytlock. End ID]

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