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some old sketches i made in ms paint that i decided to work on some more last night.

basically coyoot (thats her actual name lol) got in trouble with space mafia (again) and is having to talk her way out of things :'D u can see her here with her starfish headed best friend, harold. i really need to make a post sometime explaining more about all of my chars aha.

this was mainly inspired by a song (rob the banker by lyre le temps)

They are taking a break

[ID: a warm red brown and cold white toned digital artwork depicting Rytlock and Canach from Guild Wars 2. They are both in sleeveless shirts and pants. They are both taking a nap, Rytlock on a couch and Canach on Rytlock. Rytlock has his face directed up with muzzle open and fangs bare. Canach has his face nuzzling against Rytlock's neck, and hand resting on his chest. Rytlock has his paws slightly wrapped around Canach. The background behind them is brown red curtains covering over half of what is probably a room or a light view on the outside of the room they are in. End ID]


Original: iPad, clip studio paint

8x11 prints available!