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have a lil fluffy friend doing a blep


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Since Thanksgiving is around the corner I would like to call for non-native people in America to think critically about Thanksgiving and to consider exactly what you are celebrating. The colonization of America was not as harmonious as the thanksgiving fable of pilgrims and indians suggests. Throughout American history native tribes have been purposefully eradicated to make way for white colonists. We were viewed as heathens that were less than human, inferior to whites, and our deaths were a victory to be celebrated. Thanksgiving is yet another way our genocide is erased, to see it celebrated widely and proudly is a yearly reminder of how little regard and knowledge people have of our history. So this Thursday I encourage you to learn more about the atrocities Native Americans have faced and continue to face at the hands of colonialism. And if you can, consider donating one of the following charities or elsewise supporting native communities-

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Simply learning about the Native people whose land you occupy is one of the most important things you can do if you can't donate. It costs zero dollars and is something you can work towards every day.

If you live anywhere in the Americas (except Brazil and countries surrounding it), Greenland, Australia, OR New Zealand, you can take a quick look at [this map]( " to find out the names of your local tribe. The map isn't 100% accurate, but it's a starting place. I heavily encourage you to do research about your surroundings.

I beg you to please take a moment or two and do a bit of reading and learn the history, the persecution, the endurance, the strength of the Native people around you. Find out how they're doing today, recognize the land that houses you, give thanks to the people who were massacred and taken advantage of for you to live in this country.

Society is guilty of modern colonization by trying to make people forget about us, by denying us our needs and rights, and by continuing to take land from us. Knowledge about us is directly tied to decolonization, take action now.

Thank you, noşúun lóoviq.

$3 kofi request (thanks!!) - I was asked to draw my favorite monster :D I gave her flowers bc she pretty

my kofi

photography practice with the kitties!

aaaand what my little gremlins actually thought about all this nonsense:




(the bandanas were very loosely tied, easily able to be removed by both cats, and weren't even on either of them for a full minute. both cats enthusiastically played with the discarded bandana afterwards. only big gremlin, who is an absolute drama queen, seemed offended at the lack of dignity. his wounded feelings were quickly soothed by a generous offering of catnip.)

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i love the feeling of safety u get from being around other queer, finding ppl who you know at once respect gender feelings and will be full of gay yearning with u? priceless. magnificent. perfect.

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Today's LGBT character is...

Blanche from Pokemon Go, who is nonbinary!

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hemlo its me, thoust Prnce....ime cominge out of minest Logge to delievber this importatnte message: trans righhts

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Goblin Valley, October 2019

Happy ace awareness week!

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I hope all my fellow acespecs are having a wonderful week!

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary 8/20/2018

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good afternoon everyone what a wonderful time to cherish trans women

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G'day mates, what a wonderful day to cherish nonbinary people!

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good morning everyone! what a perfect day to cherish trans men

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Put your hands up if you get crushes on people too easily