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I love the desert and make art @ LightHeal!


Just one more cuddles with Cuddles

[ID: A digital painting of Rytlock Brimstone and Canach from Guild Wars 2 in warm tones. They are both in PoF armors. They are sitting on the ground, just at the edge of a pond. Rytlock's feet lightly brush against the water. They are surrounded by tall shrubs with purple, red and yellow flowers. Canach sits on Rytlock's legs. His cheeks glow as he kisses one side of Rytlock's face and brushes his fingers against the other. Rytlock looks at him, calm and still. He loosely envelopes his arms around Canach's body. There is warm yellow light coming behind characters'. Second picture is a close up on characters. End ID]

What if you were the marshal🌿 and i the commander🐱 and we were close friends holding hands... haha, just kidding... unless?😳

oc: Soft Boi (any pronouns)

[ID: A digital painting of Trahearne from Guild Wars 2 and a commander oc named Soft Boi; in pink, purple, blue and yellow tones. Soft boi is a dark gray charr with black mane with pink ends and violet eyes. They wear a heavy pink armor. Surrounded by colorful flowers and vines, they are both sitting side by side on an edge of a jungle sidehill. Soft Boi rests their tail on Trahearne's legs and looks at him with a soft smile on their face. Trahearne grins at Soft Boi. His eyes are closed and his skin glows with strong pink light. They are holding hands. Second picture is a close up on characters End ID]

experimenting with style c:

lil spy guy

happy pride month everybody!!

this was commissioned by @/TrixySkunk on twitter of their, mine, and @/Azelpop's fursonas! if you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to check out my profile on the commissions marketplace!

Al has been needing new art and proper story placement for like 4 years and I adore em.

trust no one

not a braincell in sight

late night sketch i had to get out of my system loool

i never realized how pretty this spot was until FSH relic time @__@

Sinocrassula yunnanensis

C Kpopsomzao, CC 3.0

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Does Miki like headpats? She certainly has the forehead space for lots of PAT

askmiki -

y e s

Just. two pals. holding hands. yes. *cries*

Also, i’ve spent like 2 hours on searching the internet for the right flowers for this piece, so there’s lavender, sage, yarrow and aster, and no, idk what you're supposed to do with that info

[ID: a warm digital painting of Mollymauk and Yasha from Critical Role: Campaign 2 in violet and pink and yellow tones. Perspective above, halfbody. They are both holding hands as they lie on the ground surrounded by purple, blue and white flowers. Molly grins, or maybe laughs and Yasha looks at him with a soft smile on her lips. End ID]

guys, i know this might be a long shot but please, if you have even a little, i am begging that you consider helping out my local animal trust. they:

  • provide subsidised veterinary care to pets for those of us who can’t afford normal vet fees, but who also earn ‘too much’ to qualify for aid in this area

  • rescue lost, abandoned and wild cats, reuniting and rehoming them wherever possible

  • neuter and chip every possible cat and dog they find with no, or willing owners, to reduce the stray population and protect the welfare of feral colonies

  • respond to animal injury situations and accidents

  • run a sanctuary for cats that are difficult to rehome for a variety of reasons, feral, or semi-feral, to live safely in the countryside

they also do so much more that i don't even have off the top of my head, but i do know that without them, we wouldn't have had healthy, happy cats for well over a total of 40 years and counting, or even met one of our cats at all. they do fantastic campaigning and grassroots work and help people and animals who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

their amazon wishlist is here and their website is here. please please share, and if you're in the position to, consider donating even some pennies.

okay let's try this

russian activist Julia Tsvetkova (Юлия Цветкова) is facing 6years in prison for allegedly "spreading pornography". Her real crime was making VK pages posting art of different female bodies and female reproductive system in educational and bodypositive way. She is also an lgbt+ activist and she educated children about gender stereotypes.

today her team is making a media strike to make more people learn about her case so i guess i'll join (but i am not monitoring this closely because health, so don't ask me)

change.org petition: http://www.change.org/freeyulia

double daffodil

philadelphia flower show (2019)

coffee -

Since this just happened to me, heres some friendly advice:

Never let someone pay you in exposure, reputation, or "opportunities".

You are valuable, and your time and efforts are valuable. And chances are, theyre trying to get you to do something really time consuming and expensive for free.

You deserve better.

"im hyperfixating but can only draw warriorcats" type beat

bonus height comparison!